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All kits are carefully engineered to provide the owner or lease holder spatially astute living areas that avoids a sense of being constrained.  Each living space within our 3- size kits has been field tested and assessed by renters in SF bay area.  Additional services such as clutter management or a variety of accessories are offered to complete your living experience.  All kit prices are subject to the rapidly changing cost of materials.  As such, prices are only quoted for a limited window of time.  Each kit is delivered to the address of the building site.  Site prep is the responsibility of homeowner or builder. Installation of the kits on the site by Clerisity team is optional.  Finishing of exterior and interior prior to final inspection by local government agency is the responsibility of the homeowner unless arranged upfront.  All kits are engineered to help the homeowner meet the  2% real estate rule (an objective of the engineering team).
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