About Us

The Clerisity Story.  The State’s 2020 Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) laws give individual homeowners control of their parcel’s development, in time, the economic advantage to homeowners and their descendants may match the 1978 Prop 13 tax revolution.

At Clerisity, we understand the ADU opportunity to homeowners and our community’s workforce.  As shown in chart, affordable workforce housing is only addressed at the lower end of possible ADU offerings when a reasonable return on the investment by a homeowner is considered.

Our market driven ADU designs are passive income generators (see chart). At the lowest entry level our ADU wall kit (COV100) converts any attached or detached space into an income generator.

Clerisity applies lean manufacturing principles to incrementally address cost and sustainable resourcing.

Noted Features:

  • Truly affordable workforce housing having good returns for homeowners
  • Passive income relief for stressed homeownership
  • Pursue a dream: better retirement, business, education, investments
  • Housing of independent descendants
  • Affordable ADU starter homes when combined with a TIC or LLC co-ownership agreement (contact us for details)
  • Age-in- place alternative to reverse mortgage
  • Workforce housing in community
  • Spatially correct line of accessories for any small living spaces
  • Design studio, structured co-ownership models and legal instrument offerings or advise
  • Share B-Corporation values but not certification.

The 2% rule of real estate. Unique to Clerisity, we use the ‘2% rule of real estate’ as a serious design and engineering objective. For success, we recognize that we need to support all facets of small living through homeowner developers from conception to occupation and sustainable usage beyond.

Our Team.  The Clerisity team covers design, marketing, prototyping, IP generation, initial engineering or construction drawings and kit assemblers. Local manufactures: cabinets, wall pockets / cubbies, and kits. Local builders: electrical, plumbing, installers, and site preparation. The filling out of a comprehensive team inclusive of collaborations between local small businesses having a shared vision is a key objective and insurance for a successful execution to plan over time.

Robert J. Miller, founder - is an experienced technologist, entrepreneur and innovator on demand having founded, co-founded and lead multiple technology companies within 3-states. Simultaneously, he has obtained a contractor’s license and successful designed, built and leased 2 ADU units within Belmont CA. The 150-sqft and 420-sqft ADU prototypes located in Belmont CA include over 30 proprietary designs that are extensible to Clerisity by licensing. In addition, he is the architect of a successful tenant-in-common (TIC) property agreement between co-owners that was successfully litigated and is copyrighted for licensing to Clerisity.