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An important objective of Clerisity is to provide the homeowner developer with all the tools and services needed to build wealth through the development of their parcels.  A second objective is to provide the homeowner with the means to pivot or age-in-place over time through occupying their ADU unit and renting out the main residence.  One key legal instrument to provide peace of mind to the homeowner is a tenancy in common or LLC based deed to the property that enables co-ownership with independent rights to sell their interest at FMV.  Clerisiity management team has over 30-man years of experience in establishing TIC or LLC agreements between co-owners, the litigation of such legal instruments and the selling of such properties.

A  unique form of a TIC or LLC agreement between prospective co-owners enables homeowners to sale an interest in their parcel that can then be built-on for an ADU starter home for the new co-owner.  The agreement between the owners defines the managerial responsibility of the jointly owned parcel without requiring the primary residence owner to sale or be subject to the builder of the ADU unit.

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  • TIC contracts - co-ownership (copyrighted 2005)
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